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Things To Note When Choosing Curtains For The Bedroom

There are many things to think about when buying a set of new curtains for your bedroom. Which room will the curtains be for? What design should the curtains have? What fabric should you go for?

Besides knowing about the types of curtains available in the market, you need to evaluate your own needs and preferences to make the right choice. Here, we provide a guide to some of the choices you will need to make when it comes to choosing a set of curtains for the bedroom. 

1. Style of the curtain

By ‘style’, we usually refer to two main things – the type of attachment of the curtain, and the type of folds (pleats). The wall attachments are either rods or tracks, while the curtains can be ring tops, tab tops, or rod pockets. Part of your choice may be limited by the physical constraints of your room – tracks take up less space than rods, and can be installed closer to the ceiling. The other part of your choice boils down to aesthetics: Do you prefer curtains with pleats? Do you want the rod to be seen?

2. Type of fabric

The fabric choice depends on a few things – opacity, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, and price. Bedrooms do well with blackout curtains as they keep light out when people are sleeping. However, heavier curtains also contribute to the feeling of a smaller room. So, if you prefer an airy look, you should go for lighter fabrics.

Homeowners want to make sure their curtains are easy to upkeep, so make sure you ask the curtain retailer about the washing method for the fabric type you are interested in. Finally, your budget will help you narrow down the fabric types that are available to you.

3. Level of privacy desired

 Blackout Curtains Singapore

One primary purpose of a curtain is to maintain privacy in a home or room. If you want absolute privacy, you need to look for blackout curtains in Singapore. If not, semi-opaque or sheer curtains will be good enough. For more flexible options, you can also have layered curtains, with a sheer curtain for the day, and a thicker curtain for the night.

Rooms on the ground floor, facing the corridor or other nearby buildings will require more opaque curtains, whereas dwellers in high-rise apartments may not find these so necessary. In other cases, the issue may not be one of privacy, but of keeping out harsh sunlight.

4. Colours and patterns of curtains

On to the aesthetics side of things, the colours and patterns you choose for your curtain is really up to you. It depends on the type of interior design you are going for. For a simple look that is easy on the eyes, you can opt for neutral colours or colours close to the colour scheme of your room. If you prefer a bolder look, you can select designs with accent colours or bold patterns.

5. Size of curtains

Ready Made Curtains Singapore

If you buy ready-made curtains in Singapore, they tend to come in a few standard sizes. If your window is of a standard size, good for you! If not, you might need to consider getting a custom-made curtain.

And who says curtains have to be the same size as your windows? You can get creative with longer or wider curtains that stretch beyond your windows as well. Interior designers use this as a trick to visually enlarge the windows and the room. This can also be a practical move to ensure that your curtains completely cover the view of your room, even when the wind blows and displaces the curtains.

Now you know what you need to consider when buying your new curtains, you can safely make a wise choice and head to your favourite curtain shop in Singapore

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