Curtains track or rod is necessity for curtain hanging. Each type of curtain tracks and rods has its own unique set of accessories. To create the best overall appearance, Ming’s Living selects the topmost quality curtain tracks which suitable for hot and humid Singapore climate. They can remain resistance-free for more than 20 years. Use whether curtain track or curtain rod should consider the following conditions: 

Use Curtain Tracks

  • Room with drop ceiling
  • Top mounting brackets
  • Limited mounting space
  • Mounting next to a L or U shape window
  • Low ceiling room
  • Join 2 pieces of curtain tracks to create a long curtain track

Use Double Curtain Tracks

  • Minimum 8cm space between tracks

Use Curtain Rods

  • Large wall space between top of window and ceiling
  • Thick and heavy curtains
  • Wall mounted brackets
  • Join 2 pieces of curtain rod to create a long curtain rod