To enhance your knowledge in curtain products and installation matters, read these frequently asked questions and important notifications before purchase curtains, blinds and tracks.

Q. What curtain size should I buy?

A. Basically, curtain has to cover the whole window. Actual curtain size depends on the window type (e.g. bay window, french window) and window shape. For small room, we recommend you to have curtains just fit your window size, such that you can have more space to be utilised. While for large room and to create a grand look, we recommend you to have customised curtains cover from one end to the other end of the wall. Please refer to window type for detail explanations. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for no obligation on site measurement and advisory.

Q. Do you provide on site measurements service?

A. Ming’s Living provides FREE on site measurement service and instant quotation for all our customers. Just give us a call or drop us an email at Contact page, our experienced curtain advisors will bring different well-selected curtains and blinds templates to your home.

Q. Should I use blinds or curtains for my rooms?

A. Both blinds and curtains can be blackout. Generally blinds are easy to clean than curtains,  therefore we recommend blinds in wet areas such as bathroom and kitchen, where water are likely to splash on window areas. Blinds are better choices for small room, as it occupies less space than curtain. While, curtains are best in creating cozy look and warm feeling.

Q. Should I choose blackout curtains or partial blackout curtains?

A. Blackout curtain can block light, heat and sound effectively. Choose blackout curtains if there is strong morning/afternoon sun shining into and heat up your room. We recommend blackout curtains to you if strong sunlight in room affects your good rest. You can use partial blackout curtains if you are not sensitive to external light.

Q. Does sheer curtain necessary to my room?

A. Sheer curtains are not necessary for all rooms, it very much depends on your preference and budget. However we recommend sheer curtains to you if your window is too close to that of adjacent building. A layer of sheer curtain could protect your privacy. Besides that, sheer curtain allows 70% of sunlight penetrate through its thin fabrics, thus remove excessive moisture and keep fresh air circulates in the room.

Q. What is the difference between using curtain rod or curtain track?

A. Curtain track are used if you prefer to install it at ceiling or your mounting area is limited (e.g. plan to make a pelmet). Use curtain rods when you prefer to mount your rods on the wall directly above your window. Use curtain rod if your curtain style is ring type, tab top type or rod packet type.

Q. Can rod be installed in L-shape window?

A. You may refer to below drawing for explanation. Another important consideration is where the curtain breaks up and how it is being used.Explanation for L shape window rod and track

Q. Do you have curtain tracks or curtain rods installation services?

A. Ming’s Living provides installation services for customers. Our installation is dust-free, this saves you the trouble from clean up the drilling dusts after the installation. Our professional installers will help you adjust your tracks or rods such that they are convenient for your daily use and at a precise height for you curtains to be hanged naturally.

Q. How to clean blinds if they get dirty?

A. Use a clean cloth and clean with soap water followed by tap water to remove the stain. For daily maintenance of blinds, use moist cloth to remove dusts.

Q. How to clean my curtains?

A. Most partial blackout curtains and blackout curtains can be washed using washing machine. Use water with temperature between 20℃ to 30℃ and set a gentle washing mode, do take note that remove all curtain hooks and sharp items before wash your curtain to prevent any damage to your curtain and washing machine. For sheer curtains, try to hand wash if possible. Due to its loose stitches, sheer curtains need to take extra care while washing to prevent damages.

Q. How long is your processing time?

A. Our customised curtain from fabrication to delivery takes 8 to 12 working days. Fabrication and delivery of blinds takes 7 to 10 working days.

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