Blinds have been increasingly popular as a type of window covering due to its modern and sleek aesthetics. Blending in perfectly with a chic home or breezy Scandinavian style, it is also well-loved because it is adjustable.

Today, there is a wide variety of blinds available in the market. At Ming’s Living, you can find most of these styles at affordable prices, and in an assortment of colours and sizes.

Here is a brief introduction of the most popular types we carry in Singapore:

Wooden Venetian blinds: This type of blinds is defined by the thin, stacked horizontal panels. By adjusting the angle of the panels, you can adjust the brightness of the room. Available in metal, plastic, or wooden panels, Venetian blinds are suitable for most rooms, example- living rooms or study rooms.

Korean blinds: Also called combi blinds or rainbow blinds, these are blinds made of two layers of striped material. You can adjust the amount of light streaming in by aligning the opaque stripes to your liking. Korean combi blinds give off a simple and neat look, which is great for a fuss-free window covering.

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are very straightforward blinds that come as a solid roll of material that can be rolled up or down to the desired length. They are often made from blackout materials that effectively keep out the sunlight, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and even balconies.

Outdoor blinds: When people refer to outdoor blinds, it is usually a waterproof version of the roller blinds. They are ideal for use at the balcony or front porch to keep the rain out. This offers you more flexibility of space, and protects your property from the wet weather in Singapore.