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Up-Style Your Home With These Window Treatment Tips

While not necessarily a must-have, home treatments such as curtains and blinds can add a lot of style, personality, and function to your home.

Most consider window treatments as an afterthought. They’re just ways to block out the sun in the day, right? But while that’s indeed true, curtains and blinds can serve other functions as well. In addition to blocking out the sun and regulating temperature, window treatments can help you add some style and personality to your home to make it look more aesthetic.

If you are giving your home a makeover, or are looking to buy some new window treatments, knowing that your choice can make a tremendous difference to the look and feel of your home will make you think twice about which curtains or blinds you eventually choose. For some ideas to spur you on, read on!

1. Pooled curtains

Most people today think of curtains as having to fit their windows almost exactly. Granted, there are plenty of curtain shops in Singapore that allow you to tailor the length of your curtains to your window measurement. However, did you know that extra-long curtains are also a thing?

Long curtains that puddle on the floor can give off a totally different vibe. In homes with a relaxed style, it will give off an effortless look. In more formal settings, pooled curtains can also lend an opulent look for a more regal, classic style.

2. Place the curtain rods higher

Finding ways to make your small room feel bigger? One nifty trick is to install curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. When you hang your curtains higher up, it gives the illusion of longer, larger windows, and a more spacious room.

Of course, if you do this, you need to factor in the extra length of your curtains, rather than taking the measurements straight from your windows. At Ming’s Living, we offer on-site consultations – so if you are in any doubt, you can count on us to perform the right measurements for you.

3. Stick to solid colours

If you are not too adventurous and prefer a classy, neat, look, solid colours are the way to go. Neutral colours are super versatile for any home. If you want to spice it up, you can opt for curtains or blinds to match the accent colour of your room.

Just by playing with colours, textures, and materials, you will have plenty of choices to think about. That is not to say you can’t choose curtains with prints though – prints are a bit harder to match, but they will do brilliantly in boho or country styled homes.

4. Mix and match

window treatment with Venetian Blinds Singapore

Doubling up your curtains is one way to experiment with style while also adding a layer of functionality to your window treatments. The most common combination is sheer curtains with a more opaque curtain.

You can also get creative by combining blinds with curtains. In sunny Singapore, Venetian blinds with blackout curtains is a great combination as you get the option for fine-tuning with Venetian blinds, and have the option of total light blockage with the curtains. Curtains also help to soften the modern look of the blinds.

Of course, there are so many more ways of using window treatments to upscale the look of your home. But for starters, these 4 tips will be more than enough to get you spoilt for choice! Check out the wide variety of curtains in Singapore at your trusted curtains supplier, Ming’s Living, for more styles to inspire you!

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