CR002 ~Wood Texture Curtain Rod~


Price: S$29.80/m

Price includes: Rods and accessories

Material:Aluminium with wood texture coating

Colour: White | Coffee | Walnut


CR002 Wood texture curtain rod

•Three Popular Colours•

CR002 Curtain rods colours


•Small Cap Available•

CR002 Curtain rod colours with small cap

For case that window is too close to side wall, small cap can be used to minimise the gap between curtain and wall.

CR002 Curtain rod caps

CR002 Curtain rod caps dimension

•Special Features•

CR002 Curtain Rod Noice Reducing Glider

Glider can reduce the friction between rod and rod rings.

CR002 Curtain rod support pad

Rubber pad on the mounting support ensure the support grips the rod firmly without sliding.

CR002 Curtain rod support firm gripping

•Supports for Double Curtain Rods •

CR002 Curtain rod supports dimensions

•Curtain Rod Components •

CR002 Curtain rod components