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Curtains come in a vast array of styles, colors, and sizes, making it challenging to find the perfect fit for your needs. At Ming's Living, our curtain specialists in Singapore are committed to helping you discover the ideal curtains or blinds for your home. While understanding that curtains primarily ensure privacy, we also acknowledge their role in enhancing home décor. Our team at Ming's Living listens to your concerns and preferences, offering expert advice to help you choose a window covering that is stylish, functional, and budget-friendly. We carefully consider curtain texture and quality to provide you with long-lasting, exceptional curtains.


Ming's Living offers hundreds of curtain-related products, including curtains, blinds, rods, tracks, and hooks. Shop our curtain products by browsing online or visiting our showroom.


Ming's Living elevates the appearance of your space with beautiful window treatments. See how our curtains and blinds have transformed homes and get inspiration for your own.


As curtains specialists, we want to share our knowledge to help you make the right choice of curtains. Learn more about what you need to take note of when selecting curtains for your home.

Curtain Styles

Different curtain styles have their pros and cons when it comes to style and functionality. Explore the features of the five most common curtain styles with our nifty guide here. 

Window Types

Accurate window measurement is important when it comes to custom-made curtains. Check out our measurement guide to make sure you get the perfect fit of curtains for your windows.

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Ming’s Living is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all our clients. We appreciate all enquiries and feedback and seek to do our best so that we can serve you better every time.

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About Ming's Living

Ming’s Living is here to redefine your curtain selection experience. To cater to different customers, we have multiple platforms available for you to pick out the perfect set of curtains or blinds for your home. Besides being able to shop our selection in our showrooms, you can also browse through our collection on our website. In addition to our products, we also have a wealth of informative pages that will help you in your curtain-buying journey. If you need extra help with choosing your curtains, we can conduct on-site consultations where we take measurements and make recommendations on the spot for you. As your trusted curtains specialist, you can rely on us to provide you with only the best. 

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Professional Services For Curtains and Blinds

We provide a comprehensive range of services, which include:

  • No-obligation on-site window measurement and consultation
  • Detailed quotation with transparent price breakdown
  • Tailor-made curtains, blinds and cushions of excellent quality
  • Dust-free installation for curtain rods, curtain tracks and blinds
  • Scaffolding for curtain installation in high-ceiling spaces

The Importance of Curtains in Singapore Homes and Offices

The style of any room is heavily influenced by how the windows are dressed. A room can become elegant, modern or romantic simply by switching out the curtains. The beauty of curtains is undeniable, but they are much more than just an accessory. Curtains also provide privacy, are useful for controlling interior temperatures and can shield flooring and furniture from harmful UV rays. With so many considerations, you may be wondering how best to choose your curtains. Here are three tips from us that may help!

Go For Quality

Curtain prices vary according to size, type of material, and quality of the materials and mechanism. Good quality curtains can make all the difference between a set that lasts and a set that becomes damaged quickly. Good materials also typically have a nicer-looking finish, rather than look tacky or cheap. Although better quality curtains are a little more pricey, the advantages are well worth it.

Think About Layers

There’s no problem if all you need is a single curtain for your home or office. However, layered curtains offer added flexibility when it comes to style and functionality. You can have added privacy when you need it, or let more light in when you wish. Consider layering a sheer curtain with a blackout curtain, and experiment with different designs and styles.

Get Some Help

For most homes in Singapore, the window sizes are quite standard, especially if you live in a HDB flat. However, some homeowners of older flats or private homes may come across oddly-sized or shaped windows, which makes it difficult to find a perfectly-sized curtain. If you need help getting the right fit of curtains or blinds for your windows, the professionals at Ming’s Living are at your call to assist you with it.

Curtains don’t usually come to mind as an important design option, but they have a lot of influence on the look and comfort level of any room. Taking the time to learn more about the styles and features of each design can help you avoid making the wrong purchase.

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