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How To Find The Perfect Curtain Colour For Your Room

A well-designed home will have all its furnishings working together to provide an aesthetically-pleasing outcome. To achieve this, careful thought must be put into the selection of every item, from the lighting down to the window treatments.

Yes, the window treatments may not seem like a big deal compared to the furniture in your home, but it is almost as important as the colours you choose for the walls. That’s because the curtains are directly adjacent to the walls – that is why they need to complement each other! When the curtains are drawn closed, they effectively serve as a part of your wall.

So, what is the right way to go about choosing the colour of your curtains? There are few approaches you can take, depending on the look you are going for. Below, we outline some of the ways you can take to choose an appropriate curtain colour for your home:

Curtains that are the same hue as the walls

By hue, we don’t mean the exact same colour! You can opt for curtains that are slightly darker or lighter than the colour of your walls. For example, if your walls are a sky blue, you can go for a deeper blue for the curtains. If you like to have patterns on your curtains, ensure that at least one colour on the curtain matches (is similar to) the colour of your wall.

Having similar colours in your curtains and walls make the overall look more coherent, as the colours will give off the same mood. It can also make your curtains blend in better, giving off a seamless and spacious look.

Neutral colours

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Strictly neutral colours are black, white, or grey. Muted and earthy colours like beige, sand, and cream are also frequently considered pretty neutral. These tones are ideal for homes where you have a minimalistic or neutral colour scheme. It can also work well in a home where they are already too many colours – this plays down the presence of the curtains, so it doesn’t compete with everything else in the room.

If you want to provide some interest, you can opt for patterned fabrics in these neutral shades. The easy-to-match nature of these colours makes them very popular choices.

Use an accent colour

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The previous two methods aim for curtains that blend in with the existing décor. However, if you prefer something edgier, or want to draw more attention to your curtains, you can experiment with an accent colour. Your interior design may already have an accent colour, so you can use this to tie in the décor with your curtains. If not, you can choose an accent colour which you feel goes well with your main colours.

A solid coloured curtain in the accent colour may be too jarring if it contrasts starkly with your walls. Instead, soften the look with patterns where one colour is similar to your walls, and another colour which contrasts.

The right colour for curtains can complete the design of your home. Start your curtain selection journey with some ready-made curtains in Singapore at a curtains specialist for a wide variety of beautifully designed curtains. If nothing catches your fancy, you can also source for custom curtains in Singapore with your exact colour combination in mind. The effort will be worth it for a set of curtains that perfectly matches your home!

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