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How to Choose Window Treatments For Your Child’s Room

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home, or are having a home makeover, furnishing a child’s room can be quite a different experience from furnishing your own room, for example.

Depending on the child’s age, you may have to consider the child’s preferences, as well as other practical factors that go into doing up a room. When it comes to curtains, you might feel tempted to just pick any curtain you can find, or worse still – do away with window treatments altogether.

We’re here to tell you that choosing the right window treatments doesn’t have to be that hard! Window treatments are an important part of a room that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, and we hope you and your child can enjoy its benefits at home as well. So, to help you decide on the best curtains or blinds for your child’s bedroom, we’ve put up a guide of the factors you should consider.

1. Safety

Children are notorious for getting up to mischief. This can sometimes put them at risk without them knowing. That is why childproofing their room is a huge priority. For curtains and blinds, some common hazards to avoid are long dangling cords and overly-long curtains, as these can cause choking or falls. You also want to make sure that the installation of the curtains or blinds are done professionally so that every single part is well secured to withstand potential tugs and bumps by active kids.

2. Age

If your child is old enough to express their own preferences, you should let them have a say in choosing their curtains or blinds. This will make them feel a stronger sense of ownership to their own room, and build up their confidence knowing that their opinions are valued. As a parent, you can guide them in their choice to ensure that the curtains fulfill other practical considerations, and that the design chosen is not one they will outgrow too quickly.

3. Material or texture

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The material or texture of curtains you choose may be guided by your child’s preference, but it also has to be informed by other factors. For example, you might want to think about the ease of cleaning of different curtain materials or blinds types, especially since kids are prone to spills and other messes. Of course, price is also a factor – luxury materials like velvet will definitely be more expensive, while the price of Korean combi blinds in Singapore, for example, tends to be more affordable.

4. Light-blocking properties

Depending on your child’s needs and preferences, you should determine whether the room needs blackout curtains or just normal curtains. If your child’s room receives a lot of sunlight, or is directly facing a bright street or other homes, a blackout curtain may be advisable to maintain the privacy and brightness level in the room. If your child takes naps, blackout curtains will also be helpful in keeping the room dim while they sleep in the day. The best thing is, blackout curtains in Singapore are readily available in a range of designs so they can also be great for children’s rooms.

With these factors in mind, we hope you will have a better idea of what window treatments to choose for your child’s room. There is no one correct answer – many window treatments work great for children’s rooms if installed properly. If you need more ideas or inspiration, feel free to look through our catalogue or showroom at Ming’s Living. We offer a wide range of window treatments from blackout curtains to combi blinds in Singapore, customisable for all types of rooms.

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