♦ Product Design: Versatile Pleat Type / Pinch Pleat Type / Ring Type

   ♦ Blackout Degree: 70% - 80%

   ♦ Material: 100% polyester

   ♦ Design: Vertical Stripe / Horizontal Stripe

   ♦ Laundry Care: Gentle machine wash / Hand wash

   ♦ Shrinkage: <4%

SBC0077 stripe curtain

product details•Stripe pattern at both front and back of curtain fabric•
Stripe curtain Singapore


•Curtain can be in horizontal stripe pattern or vertical stripe pattern•

Stripe curtain at living room


•Uneven stripe spacing curtain fabrics•

6 uneven spacing stripes curtain fabric


12cm even stripe spacing curtain fabrics•

12cm spacing stripe curtain fabrics


16cm even stripe spacing curtain fabrics•

16cm even spacing curtain fabrics


Curtain Design

curtain design


Curtain Tracks / Rods