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A New Homeowners Guide To Selecting Window Treatments

Are you a new homeowner, or shopping for window treatments for the first time in a long time? The market for window treatments can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with it. It is crucial to decide a few things before you head out to buy some curtains or blinds for your home so that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Material choice

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Fabric texture is a key consideration as it can affect the mood of the room. Heavier, luxurious textiles like velvet give off a more elegant, formal look, which will do well in country, vintage, or modern homes. For a more laidback look, you can go for cotton blends or sheer curtains for their breezy feel.

You will have a more limited choice when it comes to materials for blinds. For Venetian blinds, you may be able to choose between materials like wood, metal, or plastic for the slates. Metal or plastic feels more formal, while wood gives off a warmer atmosphere.


Window treatments are like an extension of the walls of your room, so they should ideally blend or complement with your wall colours. You have to decide if you want your curtains to be of a similar colour as your walls, or of a different but matching colour. Generally, lighter coloured curtains give the room a more spacious and airy feel. Or, if you want your curtains to be a focal point in the room, bold patterns are something you can consider.

Curtain size

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Ready-made curtains in Singapore mostly come in a few standard sizes which you can easily find at home furnishing stores. However, if you have an odd-sized window, or want to have a curtain that is bigger than your window, you can look for services which allow you to customise your set of curtains.

Interior designers recommend full-length curtains if you want to make your space look larger, as the length of the curtain will make the room feel taller. If you’re selecting blinds, though, the measurements won’t be so forgiving. You can call in the curtains retailer to help you perform the measurements if you are unsure.

Ease of cleaning

If you’re the one who will be doing the cleaning, you are probably concerned with whether the window treatment you choose is easy to clean. Cotton curtains are one of the easiest curtains to wash, because you can throw them into the washing machine. However, some materials like velvet, silk, and blackout curtains require the extra care of dry cleaning or handwash. To make sure, check with the curtain’s manufacturer before settling on your choice.

It’s up for debate whether blinds are easier or harder to clean. Blinds like the Venetian blinds can be troublesome because you need to wipe each slate. Roller blinds are easier to clean as it is just a matter of wiping the surface with some mild, soapy water. 

You might not have known that there was so much to selecting window treatments for your home! We hope this guide has been helpful to you in your home furnishing journey. If you can’t decide whether to look for some blackout curtains or roller blinds in Singapore, go with the one that is most practical and stylish for your home! For more window treatment ideas, feel free to check out our curtain shop in Singapore!

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