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5 Brilliant Ways To Dress Up Your Extra-Tall Windows

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with full-length windows, you might also have this question at the back of your mind: How do you find curtains (or blinds) for windows that tall?

This question is especially relevant if you have a loft home or any home with high ceilings. Standard sized curtains are just not going to fit your windows, try as you may!

We know the dilemma of choosing window treatments for extra tall windows – so here’s our word of advice to you!

1. Keep it bare

The first solution might sound counter-intuitive, but for some people, it works. Long windows are an amazing feature that gives homes a great sense of space, breeziness, and natural light. Why not show it off by keeping it bare?

Rather than covering it with curtains or blinds, you can address issues of glare by choosing UV-blocking panels, or covering your existing panels with UV-filtering film.

2. Customised curtains

At this point, we might mention that probably any window treatment you choose will have to be customised, given your tall windows. Curtains remain a classic choice for curtains of any shape and size.

Considering the size of your windows, you will want to take into account the fabric and colour choice of your curtains more carefully. Darker and thicker curtains may feel too overwhelming and heavy for a smaller space, but can lend a grand and regal style to a larger space. Sheer curtains are great for complementing the airy look of tall windows, but you need to make sure they are not too light and billowy, especially if your home is prone to strong gusts of wind.

3. Consider Roman shades

Window Roller Blinds Singapore

Roman shades are an exquisite style of window treatments. The unconventional look will draw interest to your tall windows, yet at the same time, Roman blinds are understated enough to blend well into most interiors.

Don’t know where to find Roman blinds in Singapore? Ming’s Living is your specialist shop for curtains in Singapore with a wide variety of styles. We can also customise curtains and blinds to fit your tall windows for you.

4. Roller blinds

For those who prefer a neat and clean look, roller blinds are your best choice. No frills and no fuss involved, roller blinds are great for professional spaces like offices, or homes with minimalistic styles.

With curtains, there is a risk of it looking messy if the pleats are not arranged neatly. But roller blinds always look put together and organised. You can find window roller blinds in Singapore at most curtain shops.

5. Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds Singapore

If you like the idea of blinds, but roller blinds feel too minimalistic for you, why not consider Venetian blinds? These blinds give you the option of wooden finishings, which gives off a warm and natural vibe to your space.

Venetian blinds are also the most versatile in terms of light control – which is something you might find useful, especially since your windows are so tall.

Decorating your home’s tall windows can and will feel like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. If you choose carefully, your window treatments can serve as an excellent point of interest inside your home and showcase your style and personality. So, don’t fear the tall windows – embrace them and use them to make your home shine!

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