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4 Tips For Childproofing Your Window Treatments At Home

If you have children at home, you will know how childproofing the home is such an important step. You never know what mischief they can get into, or what kind of accidents can happen when they are goofing around. The same way you would place corner guards on your tables and door stoppers at every door, your window treatments also need to have the same kind of care and thought to make them safe for children.

But in the first place, what dangers do window treatments pose?

Well, many, it seems. Parts of window treatments like too-long curtains or cords can easily be a tripping or choking hazard. Curtains can also be enticing to children who like to grab and climb anything they find.

To minimise the chances of any unfortunate incidents, it is therefore advisable to take some precautions. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your window treatments are not posing an extra hazard to children at home:

1. Keep cords out of reach

Many blinds have cords that allow you to adjust the length and setting of the blinds. These are potential choking hazards to children who may not be aware of the danger. Curious children may also pull on the cords and risk damaging your window treatments.

Where possible, opt for cordless options, or keep the cords out of reach. You can install a hook at a height that kids cannot reach, and coil the cords there when not in use.

2. Floor-length drapes are a big no

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The look of floor-length curtains or even pooled curtains can be beautiful when done right. But if you have children at home, this might not be a good idea. Apart from putting children at risk of tripping or suffocating, curtains near the ground are also more prone to getting dirty – and more so when there are kids at home.

While the kids are young, it is better to stick to fitted curtains or blinds. It is also best to keep children’s cots, beds, and play areas away from where they can reach the window treatments.

3. Choose blackout curtains

Infants sleep a lot – and that’s no understatement. When you have young children who need to nap in the day, you don’t want the glaring afternoon sun in their eyes as they snooze.

Blackout curtains are your solution to keep rooms dim when children need to rest. It also provides the privacy you need when, for example, you need to change your child in the room.

4. Engage installation services

If you are installing new curtains or blinds, don’t skimp on the installation service. Getting a contractor to do up the tracks or rods for you will ensure its sturdiness. This way, you can be more confident that your curtains will hold up against your child’s tugging and pulling if they ever get their hands on it.

These tips are so important for homes with young children. Of course, educating them of the dangers around the home is the most important in the long run, but for infants and toddlers who are too young to know any better, these steps will help you minimise the chances of any disasters happening.

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