Curtains For Your Home

Curtains can be customized to colour, size and function. The fundamental ideas of curtain have not changed, it is still basically safeguard your privacy. Besides fulfilling the functional aspect, achieve a balance between functionality and style of curtains become increasingly important in part of home decoration. Choose a pair of curtains that perfectly blends with room concept is the ultimate goal for every Singapore house owner. From simple modern design to classic elegant theme, a well selected curtain amplifies your space and create a completely new look of your room. It transforms your room from concrete space into something cozy and warm. Curtain texture, workmanship and curtain style are important considerations. Quality curtains stand the test of time.

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Ming's Living offers hundreds of curtain related products, ranging from curtain, blinds to rods and accessories. Each can be tailor-made to fit your window. Get to know the details of our different products by just a click.

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Curtain Style

Consider from both aesthetics and functionality, Ming's Living suggests these 5 commonly used curtain styles to our valued customers.

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Ming's Living adds value to their rooms with our beautiful products and dedicated services. We take customer's satisfaction as our first priority. Fostering good customer relationship is the key to our business success.

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Window Type

Accurate window measurement is important to customised curtain processing. To make a perfect pair of curtains, Ming's Living summarised a measurement and calculation technique for different window types.

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Ming's Living share our useful knowledge and experience to customers. Window decoration plays a important part in home renovation, we recommend the most suitable window covering to meet each room style.

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Contact Us

To facilitate us in serving you better and help Ming's Living improve in all aspects, we appreciate your enquiry and feedback.

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Ming's Living, curtain Singapore, curtain supplier, curtain installation

Curtain Singapore, Ming's Living, blackout curtain Singapore, budget curtain Singapore, curtain supplier, roller blinds

About Ming’s Living

Ming’s Living completely redefines your curtain selection experience in Singapore. Truly customer-oriented, we provide different platforms which you can easily pick the perfect curtains for your home. Besides traditional curtain selection in curtain shop and in-house advisory services, Ming’s Living introduces our website that you can access to our products conveniently. Not only guiding you through the curtain style selection for different window types. We feature various curtain products in images, such that you get to understand and compare the overall looks and all specific details of your preferred items. All curtain textiles are carefully chosen before introducing them to our customers. Most importantly, curtain price in Ming’s Living is completely transparent, we breakdown all cost details while answering your curtain quotation so you know what you are paying for. Customer satisfaction is always our top most priority, only Ming’s Living allows you to select your curtains comfortably anytime and anywhere.

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Our Professional Services

The services which we provide include:

  • No obligation in-house window measurement and consultation
  • Provide detailed breakdown quotation
  • Tailor-made quality curtains and blinds
  • Dust-free curtain rods/curtain tracks and blinds installation
  • Provide scaffolding for curtain installation in high ceiling space